Unholy Pictures of Josh Dun ✓

Unholy Pictures of Josh Dun ✓

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frank hoecean By delet77 Completed

oh my god this book is so weird and cringey I'm! not! like! this! anymore! if you know me irl please don't judge me, I was in a phase and alone 


ahahahahahahaha i'm going to hell

~trigger warning~ don't click on this if you're innocent

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monkey134luv monkey134luv Feb 24, 2018
One of my best friends from school has a crush on Josh, and we had a sleepover, so she showed me a picture, and I practically blew up my brain lecturing her on the differences between hot and famous but ugly.
parxbciz parxbciz Jan 24, 2018
When I saw the cover of this book I immediately thought of you @Doot_Howell
FlorenceAsia FlorenceAsia Mar 22, 2018
FlorenceAsia FlorenceAsia Mar 22, 2018
Together or separately? Just a suggestion I mean................t hought 
                              cause I could totally shower by myself.
SUICIDE6078 SUICIDE6078 May 03, 2018
I have no religion and have lost my innocence by being raped.....
Sweet_potato_xoxo Sweet_potato_xoxo May 26, 2018
I’m actually scared. Like I get really uncomfortable with sexual jokes and stuff. But I got nothing to do, so im gonna go for it.
                              I know I will regret this as soon as I start tho😂