The Hiddens✓

The Hiddens✓

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Ivana Vanessa Jameson By Ivy_IcedJamie98 Completed every family,friendship and relationship exists some kind of secret. They always find a way to exist,to manipulate and control someone's life. The majority of these secrets can be handled because they are somewhat normal. 

Prisca McHawlin knew her mother had secrets but what family doesn't -right?. She couldn't have been more wrong. 

As if finding out her biological father was alive wasn't a big enough secret to handle they decide to unreveal  heavier secrets. She finds out she is not only half lycan but she is also a witch - ridiculous right but that's not the only abnormal truth that gets unrevealed . Every lycan has a mate ,someone you are supposed to love and cherish for the rest of your life however her mate turns out to be the opposite of everything.

Not only is Jake an Alpha of the deadliest pack but he is also a hybrid . He is part of an ancient royal bloodline of the Lycanthrope race making him would expect him to be the first one to honour the mate bond but instead he views the whole tradition differently. He wants to be unstoppable,he wants more power and having a mate is only a weakness. 

That's not the only drama that has situated itself in Prisca 's life and those are not the only secrets being dug out - could her life be any worse...that's an understatement. 

Romance, fiction, werewolf, witches, hunters