Demolition (Junkrat X Reader Fanfiction)

Demolition (Junkrat X Reader Fanfiction)

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ReaperCakes By ReaperCakes Updated Jun 27, 2017

No matter how ridiculous he is, your heart just can't run away from this mischievous junker. Find out what happens in Demolition by Juunkrispyy! I hope you enjoy my Fanfiction. This is my first fanfiction EVER! It's a Junkrat x Reader fanfiction cuz.. well... I LOVE JUNKRAT SO FREAKIN Muuuuuch idk why thou... (trashboi loml) lol

Overwatch and its characters belong to Blizzard. Nor do I take credit for the art.

This story contains romance, but nothing super sexual. Well by that I mean not the thing itself... I wouldn't recommend it for people under the age of 11 XD But otherwise, enjoy and please let me know what you think and if I should start writing fanfictions!

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_Keezheekoni_ _Keezheekoni_ Nov 20, 2017
Great way to end the first chapter and bastion is adorable! As always c;
Waterlover234567 Waterlover234567 Feb 19, 2018
How did she not hear him walk across the floor to the oven? Was she that far in a daze that she didn't hear his peg leg hit the ground a hundred times or didn't hear the 6'5 Australian man jump on top of the oven?
forgotmyumbrella forgotmyumbrella Feb 02, 2017
Is it just me or is it that in every junkrat x reader tracer is always let in on the secret xD
To be honest, I'm not reading this because of the x reader thing or because I have a crush on Junkrat, I'm reading this because this is too much fun XD
PickleDickle PickleDickle Aug 02, 2018
I'm going to have to lie...
                              I've watched lesbian hentai and liked it.
                              That's what I wanted to share.