Defection - (ON HOLD)

Defection - (ON HOLD)

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Jocelyn (call me Joss) By little_elfin Updated Nov 04, 2013

“I'm not going. I do have a choice babe, you see I know that you’re desperate to collect souls for your mission and whatnot, but I’m fighting for my life here.”
Arsinoe was beyond shocked. Refusing a chance for glory in Valhalla was another matter altogether, but now for the love of Odin did he know that she was missing her horn! 
"Look, you're beautiful babe, but it's just not going to work. At least not until I get my body back." Hale shrugged, carefully observing the woman before him, looking for signs that she was angry, or impatient or even amused, but she gave nothing away. 
"You cannot leave.” Her voice reverberated in command again. 
Hot, Hale thought, letting his imaginations run wild. Hmm, that voice in bed..., whispering in his ear, telling him exactly what he wanted to hear. He broke out from his reverie when he felt her grasp—firm and restrained—on his wrist. 
"Hey." He tried to pull back without success. Damn, the woman was strong. “I am not dead. If you would let me get back to my body I'll be perfectly fine." He tugged again.
"Now that," she said in an unhurried voice, the sound filling the air around him, entering his ear in a gentle caress, "is something I can't allow. Stop fighting destiny Hale Caradoc.”


   As an Incubus, Hale Caradoc has had centuries to make a name for himself as one to 'make love not war'. But with growing unrest in the underworld, Hale is forced to take a stand and leave the luxury of his extravagant life for the battle of Nark.
   Arsinoe Rowan Asger has spent millennia collecting warriors for Valhalla, her sole purpose was to serve as the most devout Valkyrie. But when her new ward tries to run off on her watch, it is more than just a question of duty. This time, pride is on the line and something far greater...

Lana_sky Para-nor-mance Contest Entry
Character Pairing: Hale and Arsinoe
Challenge Element: Good/ Seer - Devony
Word Count: 8750

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