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The Love I Found in You (A George Weasley Love Story)

The Love I Found in You (A George Weasley Love Story)

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Kayla Mitchell By HeartEye121 Completed

Danielle Delacour didn't have the easiest life. She was abandoned by her father and was left to an uncle who didn't want her. After meeting George Weasley at her cousin Fleur's wedding, everything changed for her. She started to feel happy for the first time since her fiance died. After Death Eater attack her, she goes to live with the Weasleys and her and George get closer together. But when her dad comes into her life and the fight with Lord Voldemort gets bigger, will Danielle be happy for very long?

Fred and george are tall and lanky, Bill and charlie are short and stocky, Ron and Ginny are somewhere in between
EvenstarOfHerPeople EvenstarOfHerPeople Nov 26, 2015
Monsieur is basically "Mr." In French, so you are saying that his name is Mr.
-kylux -kylux May 22, 2015
Note the pun: Salem, Massachusetts is where the Salem witch trials were discovered. ((where they burned witches to the stake, or drowned them))
                              history lesson over.
VioletPage VioletPage Mar 26, 2012
why can't i be as good as a writer as you?? All your stories are amazing!!!
Dani_Radcliffe Dani_Radcliffe Jan 17, 2012
@HeartEye121 named her Danielle? YOU DO CARE!!!!! Lolz =)
BeyondJustReading BeyondJustReading Jan 17, 2012
New fanfic! YAY! Centered around George for once! NOT FRED! HA TAKE THAT FRED! Not that I don't love Fred, it's just George t=doesn't get credit for being alive... I should shut up now.
                              Great fanfic tho!