You Lost Me *Major Editing*

You Lost Me *Major Editing*

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It's okay not to be okay. By wxnderlxndmoon Completed

~Previous Title--Im Back and Better Than Ever~ 

She is coming back and she is better than ever. Ariella Stone is going back to her pack after three years of her rejection. Ariella lost weight and got rid of her acne thanks to face wash. She has beautiful brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, plump pink lips, and the body of a model.
 She is now beautiful and has guys falling for her everywhere but she never pays attention.She ran into a new pack, the White Shadow Pack, and after telling her story they let her join. She is a white wolf with gold specks around her body. The wolves in her new pack are the same. They are very special children of the Moon Goddess. Each gifted with a specialty. But Ariella is to be the future queen of supernatural creatures.
Cole Blaze- He is your typical hottie, player, and a jerk. He has brown hair, honey colored eyes, sweet pink lips, and girls falling for him everywhere. He is the soon to be alpha of the Red Moon Pack. He slept with a lot of girls from his school just to satisfy his needs. When he finds his mate he rejects her. 

Cole and Ariella were friends but they stopped talking when he started to be a jerk and she found out what he does to other girls. How will he get her back? He lost her, now he has to win her.

- - May 15, 2016
I hope you guys don't mind reading my books called the undercover woman and rebel's high. ok thanks and bye!
dancer_0908 dancer_0908 Aug 10, 2016
History-the people we learn about are dead
                              Science- boom boom
                              Reading-we read everyday 
                              School explained
NaomiAlana123 NaomiAlana123 Oct 06, 2016
I like math and fall asleep at history I know how to sleep with my eyes open so I'm good oh and he doesn't call on me because I suck at it lol😁.
XhollyryanX XhollyryanX Jul 29, 2015
awesome, bae.  XD I love the plotline... even though it's cliche I love cliche so yah. perf. XP
Sing_with_soul00 Sing_with_soul00 May 05, 2015
you mean the 14th? the 14th is Valentine's day, not the 11th
blackveilbrides671 blackveilbrides671 Jul 30, 2014
HOLY COW MY NAME IS ARIELLA and honestly your character describes me