Only For You (Chris Brown & Tyga Fanfiction)

Only For You (Chris Brown & Tyga Fanfiction)

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Vanessa Pryor, 23, beautiful, smart, and funny. Every mans dream, they all wanted her. And no matter how fine they were, she would turn them down. She wanted to save herself for her best friend and the man she loved the most, Michael "Tyga" Stevenson. She wanted him, she needed him. And she knew that before she died, she was going to get him, no matter what it took to do it.

Michael "Tyga" Stevenson, 24, sexy, funny, and a rich rapper. Women would drool over him, but he wasn't interested. He had his eyes on one person, his best friend, Vanessa Pryor. He knew that she would never want him though, so he moved on to her cousin, Laurielle Pryor. He wanted to have both of them, but he didn't know who to chose.

Christopher Brown, 24, sexy, hilarious, and smart. The player. Girls always say that they'll never fall for a player, but the always fall for Chris.. He said he would stop his playerish ways if her meet the girl of his dreams. That girl was Laurielle Pryor, the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. She tried to play hard to get, but Chris was determined to make he his.

Laurielle Pryor, 22, beautiful and mean. Meanest bitch you'd ever meet with a don't give a fuck attitude. Every man wants her, but she doesn't want them.  She's an in-the-closet bi-sexual. Drug dealers can like boys and girls right? No one knows except her long time girlfriend, Brittney. She secretly has a thing for her cousin, Vanessa Pryor, but she knows its wrong. She thinks just because she's a drug dealer, she the boss bitch. But one day, she will meet her match. ©Copyright 2013- 2014 Briaaa_x3