Miami Heat

Miami Heat

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Jollie By MissTeenVogue03 Updated Apr 11, 2014

"Inside sources have confirmed that, red headed fan, Mollie Allen and Justin Bieber are in a relationship," reports Guiliana Ransik.

It all started at a Miami Heat game. Then, she just kept popping up. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She had me dazed. Right from the start, I knew that she was the one. Things escalated quickly. Selena found out, she told the media, then she decided to get revenge. 

Diane Sawyer looks at Mollie with pity, "Did you think you were going to survive?" 

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Meherun Meherun Jun 07, 2014
i hate selena too lyk wad does she think she is the fucking queen? slutena homez
aftermist aftermist Oct 29, 2013
Oh my god, I love the way you've portrayed Selena! And I love the way Justin isn't crawling back to her, but instead trying to get over her!
                              You spelt definitely wrong at the part where he finds her twitter. Other than that it all looks good to me! :)
indigokisses indigokisses Oct 28, 2013
Ah, damn. You got me hooked, luvie. I'll probably start commenting on every chapter now. ._.
                              Bah. whatevs. :D
indigokisses indigokisses Oct 28, 2013
I like your direction in this. Can't wait to see where it goes! :D #BelieberSince09 <3 :D Onto the next chapters now!