Chemistry, Chaos & Steam: A Magistery of Dunces

Chemistry, Chaos & Steam: A Magistery of Dunces

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Kollin Brothers By dkollin Updated Nov 03

Chemistry, Chaos & Steam: A Magistery of Dunces is a future steampunk story in which four kids with absolutely nothing in common unite in their determination to take on a threat that the rest of the world refuses to admit exists.  As they draw closer together they begin to glimpse the true danger, one so terrible that a century earlier it destroyed all of civilization. Now, it's back and they will have to deal with it on their own with only the barest aid from those few adults who believe them.
	 One of the most important days in this world is the Test Day of the Grand Exam. It's taken by all ten to twelve-year-olds in order to determine if they're intelligent enough to warrant further education⎯whether that be in trade schools, apprenticeships or admission to various institutions of higher learning. Those who do exceptionally well are sent to an elite university/boarding school called the Magistery of Chemistry & Steam. Those who don't are deemed dunces and left to fend mostly for themselves⎯that is, if they survive their indentured servitude. 

Copyright © 2015 by Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin. All rights reserved.

Hi, everyone! This is our FIRST EVER novel on Wattpad! My brother and I (yes, I write with my brother) love steampunk and scifi. We've even won a pretty shiny award called the Prometheus for the first novel we wrote together (The Unincorporated Man). 

Anyways,  make sure you add Chemistry, Chaos, & Steam: A Magistery of Dunces  to your library if you dig it. Don't forget to comment or vote if you like what you read. 

Here we go!

Chemistry, Chaos & Steam: A Magistery of Dunces

A novel by Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin

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CathyMullican CathyMullican Dec 26, 2016
They're 14 at the beginning of the chapter, but the test is given at 10, with two possible retakes, and Ediwin is 12 when he's tutoring other boys?
dkollin dkollin Nov 28, 2016
You hit it spot on, Gloria. How frustrating must it be to have street smarts in an environment with little need for them. While Edwin's destiny has been somewhat delayed it is still a promising one. Barker's, on the other hand, is sadly assured. Re: Hispanic names,  Of course! #facepalm.
GloriaMagid GloriaMagid Nov 28, 2016
The world is intriguing - makes me very curious to know what a rule, I'm not crazy about post-apocalyptic novels, but the boys have grabbed my attention. Always the way with me. If the characters grab me, I'll read further.
StellaBloom1 StellaBloom1 Feb 16, 2017
You state that in Ediwin's 12th year the headmaster realized it was Ediwin who was responsible for the school's improved test scores. He must have realized in Ediwin's 10th year, else why would he have sabotaged Ediwin's test scores in his 10th and 11th years.
elianak357 elianak357 Jan 12, 2017
The world is interesting and seems like it can offer several exciting adventures.  I'm looking forward to reading about the ones you've created. ❤️️