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_Ferocity_ By _Ferocity_ Updated May 07, 2015

I know you must have heard it a million times, the same quote repeated in 10 different ways in 10 different Rom-Coms but I like to believe that once in our lifetime we actually understand it. My version of it went something like this :

Sometimes you meet people, sometimes you find them and... sometimes they find you. In any case you feel extremely lucky that you have met them; because these people, they are rare I tell you. 

They come in your life with a purpose. Unknown to them or to us. They are simply iridescent, they bring colours along with them and illuminate your life. The sad part is that you never know how long they would stay. They simply enter your life, touch your soul and you know you'll never be the same again. 

Such was my version of this quote when I met 'Her', She was not the love of my life ,neither was she someone I liked but somehow she ended up being in my story. In fact I like to believe it wasn't even my story at all, it was all her. 

Some people are just  words or  sentences or even a chapter in our book of life; strange as it is she was the story. She was no protagonist, but she was simply the girl who radiated colours. The iridescent one.