Enraptured by you

Enraptured by you

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supreetha sastry By freezing_reality Updated Sep 20, 2019

[WARNING: Mature content and very strong language is used, read it at your own risk]

Planning a wedding is a pain in the ass, isn't it?

But for Neha it is a dream, passion, Love... in which she is very good at.... She has been a wedding planner since she completed her studies.

 Planning her best friend's wedding is whole different story when she has a very hot, sexy, gorgeous,charming not to forget those greek god looks, brother involved. But apart from these good qualities he is an arrogant asshole, a womaniser, jerk. Her words not mine. 

Lorenzo De Luca is a billionaire businessman with huge ego and when women fell over his feet with just a glance is a just a boost to it... But one girl who he wants in his bed doesn't even look his way and when the things are not going his way, he is ready to do anything.. even if it is to take a risk of falling in love.