A Gangsta's Diary (SAMPLE)

A Gangsta's Diary (SAMPLE)

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Dec 13, 2014

The way we move
The way we think
What goes through our minds when we pulling the trigger sending a bullet through somebodies dome, or when them blue and red lights flash in our review mirror with a trunk full fine coke and 15 thousand dollars in cash..
What its like to be us..True feelings of a real nigga.

I don't believe anybody ever wrote it down or expressed this shit..Well let me do, cause everybody want to be a gangsta so fucking bad..i'll show you whats up...

Im a mark down everything. Me, the game, and what its like being one of us..right here in...

My Gangsta Diary...

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wpruitt7186 wpruitt7186 Jan 20, 2015
anthony seems like sum1 id wanna kick it with I really like this book already
wpruitt7186 wpruitt7186 Jan 20, 2015
luv it so far....the es b having my eyes trippin out 4 a lil bit but im coo now. cnt wait 2 c where u go with this 1
TatiBaby6 TatiBaby6 Sep 28, 2014
damn. a freaking belt hurts my butt and u get shot 1-2 times a year? lawddd.
LesbianLioness LesbianLioness Aug 30, 2014
being a hot head an show off is da quickest ways to get caught up
LesbianLioness LesbianLioness Aug 30, 2014
he right but some ppl can manage skool an hustling or work an hustling..
shantii14__ shantii14__ Aug 15, 2014
@thoughtsonpaper516 i wasn't taking it offensive. Ur like the 2nd person that said that. But i havent read a book with it. But thank you also