A Gangsta's Diary (SAMPLE)

A Gangsta's Diary (SAMPLE)

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A'Shantii Monay 💕 By shantii14__ Updated Dec 13, 2014

The way we move
The way we think
What goes through our minds when we pulling the trigger sending a bullet through somebodies dome, or when them blue and red lights flash in our review mirror with a trunk full fine coke and 15 thousand dollars in cash..
What its like to be us..True feelings of a real nigga.

I don't believe anybody ever wrote it down or expressed this shit..Well let me do, cause everybody want to be a gangsta so fucking bad..i'll show you whats up...

Im a mark down everything. Me, the game, and what its like being one of us..right here in...

My Gangsta Diary...

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