The Secret Society [Zarry] [SAMPLE]

The Secret Society [Zarry] [SAMPLE]

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Kirito By thesewhitewings Updated Feb 25, 2014

When Zayn Malik attends an all-boys boarding school in Cheshire, he never expects to be warned about a secret society that takes it upon themselves to collect and corrupt selected students. Zayn doesn't believe the tales, either - that is, until he is 'tapped' and has a choice to make:

Run from them, or let them take him?

"There are several ways," the boy started, his breath a hot, smoky caress against the smooth prominence of Zayn's collarbone, "to break a person; to own a person; to ruin a person. Normally, there is one method which is particularly efficient for each individual but for you, Zayn Malik..." The boy laughed, his index finger slowly running down Zayn's bicep as his masked eyes stared down almost lazily at him, a small smirk gracing his face. "...for you, it seems there are many - all of which I plan to overindulge in."

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