The Bad Boy Has A Soft Spot

The Bad Boy Has A Soft Spot

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infinite_flame By infinite_flame Updated Jun 20, 2018

Oil doesn't mix with water, we were taught that when the teacher was ranting about the basic laws of science. It doesn't combine just like how light is always separate from the darkness, how a coward shouldn't ever try to make eye contact with a brave, how a happy-go-lucky person shouldn't talk to a bully, how it's forbidden to put mentos into Coca Cola and how the reader shouldn't be with the movie viewer.

          But what if they unified?

       In one word, disaster! 

This happened to two unfortunate seniors in high school after meeting each other through a massive food fight in school cafeteria that they commenced. It began with the boundless arrogance of a person and a will for justice of another. Together, they fought and shared tons of laughs but there were always obstacles in between. So, they had different brilliant plans to get over it but one doesn't seem to agree with the other...

*in the process of editing and rewriting

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