Our Bloody Girls (Sequel to The Killer's Girl)

Our Bloody Girls (Sequel to The Killer's Girl)

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Elyse By MaskyisOMG Updated Dec 13, 2014

The daughters of Jeff the Killer and Iris, his wife, are living with their parents in harmony. It's quiet, Jeff seems to be managing his desire for blood by going on killing sprees, and motherhood comes very easily to Iris.

But, when Jeff gets an odd warning from Zalgo, he realizes that for one of his daughters, history is going to repeat itself. 

When the girls grow up, disaster after disaster, blow after blow, they still survive. But, when the two of them begin falling in love with people they least likely expected, all hell is unleashed. Jeff is furious. Now, all they have to do is keep their relationships stable and under control, and their  But, with parents like theirs, it may not be very easy.

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2xsthecharm 2xsthecharm Oct 16, 2015
I love it laughed a couple times when Masky was like "Get the heck off my leg!"
Red_Script Red_Script Sep 10, 2014
The "Get the Freaking Hairbrush Out of Your Hair" game. You have got to love that game... even with short hair, it is annoying.
JenBrown4 JenBrown4 Aug 24, 2014
Masky wouldn't mind if she held onto one of his legs if you catch my drift.
JenBrown4 JenBrown4 Aug 24, 2014
Yeah, and you get to be dropped on your head multiple times.
Bleachlover22 Bleachlover22 Aug 14, 2014
I love these books. Can u pwetty Pwease update before I cry.
Snapple_Juice Snapple_Juice Jul 27, 2014
Wasent that in the fist chapter of the last book of was it the second