Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil, Regret Message, and Re_Birthday (By Rin and Ren from Vocaloid) put together in story form. I kind of changed it a bit :P
    Rin Kagamine, Ren Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, Meiko, Kaito from Vocaloid
Awesome story! I love it. But, the horse's name is Josephine, not the servant's. And the minister wasn't Gakupo, it was Len.
I know it was Rilliane's Siblings, but can i ask?! Ren supposed to be Len, it was inspired by Left-Len and Right-Rin
@Momo-The-Joker @xxSnow yeah in japanese u pronounce it Ren in japanese and since its really japanese its ren XDDDD even though i like len beer but whatever -shrugs-
LOVE IT :D. I like that you can take ALL of Rin's quotes and include them without being corny or cliche (however you spell 'cleche') and I thought Rin's HORSE was Josephine... man am I slow xD
I Started To Cry When He Was Killing Miku. :(  I'm Such A Wimp...