Realm of Love (A Destiel AU)

Realm of Love (A Destiel AU)

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Riya By mishasdove Updated Mar 08

When the Angel Realm finally accepts defeat and the war comes to an end, leaving them in hunger and despair, Lucifer signs a treaty letting the Demons take one Angel every year as a slave, in return for supplies.
All through this, the royal family is kept safeguarded in their secret hideout, that is until  they are forced to give up one of the Princes as the new Demon King's personal sex slave.

Castiel Novak being the youngest of the royal Angels and the most innocent, was shocked to say the least, when he finds out Dean Winchester, the Demon King himself wanted him as a whore. Castiel knew exactly what to expect, but oh boy was he wrong...

DISCLAIMER: It contains some explicit smut