Arranged To Marry My Boss (Zayn Malik AU)

Arranged To Marry My Boss (Zayn Malik AU)

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He doesn't have time for a wife. She doesn't want a relationship. He is her boss. She sees him as a role model. They're unexpectedly arranged to get married. What will happen when they find out that they will get married? Will they get married? Or will their professional relationship get in the way of their personal relationship? 

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Miss_Genius_Me Miss_Genius_Me Aug 26, 2016
If they found out they were getting married, Zayn will be like 'Noooo I don't want to leave LiLi.'
232677proudCazyMofo 232677proudCazyMofo May 11, 2016
I need a surgery to get my ovaries fixed and since he is part of the reason as to why they are damaged I should get it for free
HoranZHugs HoranZHugs Sep 20, 2016
Omf i call my teacher sir cuz his name makes me uncomfortable but now im gonna think of his whenever i say sir to him 0.o
HoranZHugs HoranZHugs Sep 20, 2016
zayns__chicken zayns__chicken Sep 19, 2016
Dr. Malik... I suddenly don't feel well, I think I gotta go to the doctor:p
janekearney janekearney May 07, 2016
HHAHAHAHAHAHAH I wish I could see his face when he finds out that he is that guy