Heart of The Wild

Heart of The Wild

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StrangerGranger By TeaNHeartache Updated Sep 18, 2017

Kaydance is the daughter of a well known Alpha.  In her world there are many expectations of who and what she is supposed to be. In the open she plays her part but behind closed doors she is breaking the rules, going as far as to fall for someone who is not her mate. 

A cruel twist of fate has Kaydance fleeing from her pack and the man she wished could be hers, only to collide with the man the goddess picked for her. Samson is a reclusive male that seems intent to keep her at an arms length. Both of them too lost in what once was, making them unable to truly see what is before them.  

Samson brings her into his world, one that has slowly been forgotten. Its people and customs are dwindling as the packs slowly take up more and more free land. As their Khal, Samson is doing everything in his power to protect and preserve their way of life, but it might be Kaydance, in the end who has the power to save them all. 

The journey to love and self discovery is not always an easy one. Sometimes one must travel off the beaten path, over uneven rocks and through unseen dangers to reach the end. Sometimes you find yourself in places you never meant to be but were always meant to go.

Cover by @Pananabels

  • alpha
  • ceremonial
  • clan
  • goddess
  • heartbreak
  • khal
  • khala
  • love
  • luna
  • mate
  • nomad
  • resentment
  • secondchances
  • spirit
  • violence
  • wild
stellina79 stellina79 Apr 18, 2017
Another book and it already feels like another hit in the making!
                              I loved the setting, very eager to see what's next!
bestmom60 bestmom60 Apr 16, 2017
So how old is Samson, I get a feeling that he's in his middle teens.
bestmom60 bestmom60 Apr 16, 2017
Samson with long hair, I wonder if he is based on the biblical character, or whether it's just a coincidence.
Haitian_cheri Haitian_cheri Jun 24, 2017
hold on this was  a boy I though it was a girl am I the only one to think that.....
AMLKoski AMLKoski Apr 16, 2017
Also don't be in a Shakespear play about love. Usually everyone dies. LMAO