Harry Styles Imagine: Cheating and He Hits you.

Harry Styles Imagine: Cheating and He Hits you.

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nikul By kingnikolay Updated Apr 10, 2016

You and Your Boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction was dating about 1 1/2 years. This past few weeks he always came home so late,  always getting home so drunk or what ever. he is always in the club with his friends. you are also 3 months pregnant but you still didn't told about it to harry, for his career sakes

It's already 1 in the morning and Harry is still not home, you supposed to have a date but he forgot it, you are sitting at the living room of yours and harry's shared flat, you are sitting on the couch waiting for harry, but there's still no sign of his shadow. You are so worried and you texted him.

" To: Harry, Babe aren't you going home yet? It's already 1 please come home! Xx"

but there's no reply, you decide to go on bed, because you're so very very sleepy now and its not good for you to stay up so late because you are pregnant.

Before you go to sleep you text one of your brother Niall his bandmate, (Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn are you brothers)

"To: Nialler, Bro! a...

Bailette Bailette Aug 03, 2016
Lol. That's actually what I did when my friend came from UK, she said she met Harry and showed him a picture of me and he went like "I have a crush on her now."
Weester3 Weester3 Apr 13, 2016
Don't you think it is weird that 4/5 members are related. Just me......okay
TashandGray TashandGray Apr 14, 2016
I just can't get over how weird it is that all the guys are her brothers - also there is no way in hell any of my brothers would call me baby, sweet cheeks at most and even that's sarcastic 😂
-perfectionist -perfectionist Dec 28, 2015
I think she should've already told him it's been 3 months you could've told him on the 1st
Jen5123 Jen5123 Nov 24, 2015
There are so many negative comments and I don't know why. Good writing has it's faults and that doesn't stop it from being good. Well written story and so sorry about the people being hateful. You do you, don't listen to them.
Cateboylestyles Cateboylestyles Jun 26, 2015
I am not a big 5sos fan, but weather their my favourite or not oyou should not hurt their feelings they are still human