For The Mafia's Son {Clan Mafiòso Series #1}

For The Mafia's Son {Clan Mafiòso Series #1}

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Adrian Indelicato, son of the world's most notorious Mafia, enters a high school for the first time, after being home schooled all his life.
Adrian is everything to his father and what he wants he gets. 
He is super cocky, super hot and super talented.
Janet Clayden, daughter of one of the most successful business tycoons' is a poster child. She is witty, daring and extremely sarcastic. Being rich and the captain of the school's rowing team ever since freshman years, she is quite popular.
Well, the first day isn't a low profile one for Adrian, as you would have already guessed. 
All hell breaks loose as he collides and tumbles down the staircase, with Janet in his arms.
Janet sees him as a potential enemy.
Adrian sees her as a challenge.
As Adrian continues to trouble Janet for the rest of the days, she fires back, with her witty comebacks and unusual pranks.
Amidst all this Adrian, develops a soft spot for the fiery queen.
When, Severin Indelicato gets to know about his son's liking, he is determined to get Adrian the girl. 
But by his harsh ways.
Janet Chanel Clayden is kidnapped For The Mafia's Son.
As we say Everything Is Fair In Love And War.

Book 1 in Clan Mafiòso Series.

Read to find out.

The beautiful cover once again by Shruti727!

Ahhhh!! Can't wait to start reading this story!!!!!! OH! I NEED TO GO GET MY ICE CREAM!!
The cast is even hotter than the sun.  Had to put on sunscreen and everything as I scrolled down 😂
CarlyGatton CarlyGatton May 19
Ok this is not supposed to be offensive if you find in any way it to be so I'm sorry that not what I intended. Anyway seriously the dad KIDNAPS her, wow that's so how you get the girl
STheriot24 STheriot24 Dec 12, 2016
Sorry couldn't read it before hand! Saw it just now! Was off wattpad! 
                              When's the update on the other book! Patrick❤️
Shruti727 Shruti727 Dec 14, 2016
babe change the cover before I put your head through a wall.
                              With love.