The Masked Murderer

The Masked Murderer

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DawnKelli By DawnKelli Completed

Olivia Chastain's life was seemingly perfect until she was violently thrust into a nightmare that would haunt her for years to come. Kidnapped by a sadistic murderer, Olivia is subjected to atrocities she'll never be able to erase from her memory.

When she's inexplicably released from his grip, horrifying flashbacks plague her every waking moment, but that's not the worst of what she's forced to contend with - the masked madman roams free, preying on other unsuspecting souls. As the days pass, the deviant's reign of terror grows more and more grotesque.

As the only surviving victim, Olivia fears he'll find her and finish what he started. 
Will the authorities catch the elusive psychopath before he strikes again?

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Love it! The details and it was so graphic, made me feel like I was there. I had to stop reading for a minute because I felt like was there , but that's what I love about the writer 🙌🏾🙌🏾
GiaRene GiaRene Oct 24
It would be a crazy plot twist if the fiance was the masked man 🤔
Quoteie Quoteie Oct 24
Haha imagine one of them didn't tie his laces and he tripped and the rest of the cops did too.
J_Embers J_Embers Sep 29
Hey! You won the Wattys!!! :D Look at that badass sticker on your cover! Congratulations!!!! You deserve it :D
Kee-Kin Kee-Kin Nov 02
Sangwoo, my son? 
Toribur Toribur 5 days ago
I will. I choosen this book to read because it's looks interesting. Please read my book "Killer"!