Power Uppers | ✔️

Power Uppers | ✔️

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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Completed

Throughout the world, Power Uppers are the hottest drug on the market. A single pill allows any Normie to obtain the power of a Super. The drawback? They're also highly addicting and the cause of most financial ruin.
Tayla wants nothing to do with superpowers. Nothing good comes from having one. They're for natural born supers with a disdain for the law or for the addicts that bring their downfall upon themselves--both of which are a problem for the yellow suits to deal with. 
Unfortunately, what a person wants isn't always what they get.
A simple visit to Eden City turns into a nightmare when Tayla witnesses her law-abiding moms abduction at the hands of the yellow suits. Uncertain if her mom is alive or dead, Tayla is thrust into a world she wants no part of. Aided by Max, the scarred telekinetic Super who could control her with a snap of his fingers, her only hope lies in finding Corin, a man many believe to be a myth. She must go deep into the hidden world of the Supers where the secrets and lies might just bury her alive.
In saving herself, she might just find she's the key to freeing the Supers she never knew were chained.


This story was posted to Wattpad and only Wattpad. If you're seeing this note and you're not reading it on Wattpad...it was stolen. So please get your butt over to Wattpad and read it by the actual author, Prisim, and not the thief who couldn't be bother to even delete this message let alone write their own unique story.

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HappyFang HappyFang May 18, 2018
Wait, wouldn't people read the packet before doing something like that? And isn't it illegal to not include any side effects in advertisements? 🤔🤔
                              *shrug* It's Wattpad. Anything can happen
AmberLynnWriter AmberLynnWriter May 16, 2018
I'd kinda like a little bit of description of Tayla's mom :/ And are these rants common? 'Cause it seems perfect for the beginning when we need some background info.
CrisOhana CrisOhana Feb 20, 2017
I love this already and I've only read to paragraphs I'm supposed to be preparing for a spoken exam but teenage rebellion yay
Shilomarie Shilomarie Jan 24, 2017
I'm so happy you decided to start this! Can't wait till Friday!
Aizyll Aizyll Jan 28, 2017
OMG, this is awesome @Prism! I can't wait for another Friday! This is like a sci-fantasy movie.
Shilomarie Shilomarie Jan 28, 2017
Now that I've finally got to read the chapter, I loved it! The flow of it, the banter, it was great! Love the futuristic stuff too! Can not wait for next chapter!