Black Butler; Truth or Dare

Black Butler; Truth or Dare

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Ciel Phantomhive✓ By CielPhantomhive1234 Updated Jul 29, 2014

Leave a TRUTH or DARE in the comments.

EX: I dare Sebastian to

HARLEM SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EX: Is it true that Alois is really a girl?

Alois: -_- Really?

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Kelly11890 Kelly11890 Oct 16, 2016
I dare Sebastian to do that with Alois I want to see What Sebastian will say lol 😂😂😂😂
Yeeobee Yeeobee Oct 10, 2016
I am no female. I was sexually harrased and led me to be confused on my gender, hence why I flirt with evedybody because I am sexually confused. Man, havenr you people watched Kuroshitsuji 2? 
                              ((Ofc you all have or else you wouldn't be reading this 😂))
slut_of_southpark slut_of_southpark Sep 11, 2016
I dare Elizabitch to drink bleach and die, then I dare Ciel and Alois to read a cielous fanfiction
_That_One_Nerd_ _That_One_Nerd_ May 15, 2016
I dare Sebastain to fill the Phantomhive mansion with dogs and he has to like it
Silas_Bridges Silas_Bridges Jan 27, 2017
What is the Harlem shake? ( I apologize if I sound like an idiot )
dinookie dinookie Dec 23, 2015
I dare ciel to dress up like a kitty, and surprise sebastian :X