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The Grisly Adventures of the Joker and Harley Quinn

The Grisly Adventures of the Joker and Harley Quinn

604 Reads 19 Votes 6 Part Story
Kit By kitosarrah Completed

Just as the title entails, this is a collection of adventures and happenings of Harley Quinn and her unrequited lover, the Joker. Such adventures include the beginning of the duo, run-ins with other Gotham villains, of course encounters with the Batman and his sidekicks, and  even their not-so-villainous days and occasions.
(Keep in mind, I'm not using just one specific storyline or series for these, nor am I linking the chapters to one story. Each chapter is a new adventure!)
Yes, in a lot of these stories, you  face the harsh reality of the Joker's abusive tendencies toward Harley, but that's a big part of their characters, I think. I think that it's very important that this side of their relationship is shown, because yes, it could be horrible at times, but Harley's rose-coloured glasses make the somewhat kind gestures he does do seem sweet and worth the bad times they go through, and that's just the wonderful aspect that changes the reader's perspective...
Well, I hope you enjoy these.
Have fun reading, everyone!

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