Typical I ✔

Typical I ✔

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"They say beauty is to be noticed, so she hid hers."
    This is the tale of the girl that tried so hard to be invisible. 

    This is the story of a boy who went everywhere with a spotlight over his head.

    But most importantly, this is the story of how he noticed the beauty inside and not just outside of the weird and outcasted girl. And soon enough, love touched his scarred and broken heart, as well as her closed and guarded heart too.

    Until death tore them apart...  

    And he dug a hole for himself, using grief as a shovel. And it was so deep, he wondered if he could find his way out. And, more importantly, if he even wanted to find his way out.


    Love asked Death, "Why do people only see the pain in me and instead prefer the cold clutches of death? Isn't love supposed to bring happiness?"

    Death answered, "Because most humans see the bad in good things and instead see the good in bad things."

    Love thought for a while before she asked again, "Why won't they believe, that love is supposed to heal and mend?"

    Death smiled darkly and answered, "When tittering at the edge of sanity, death does seem much more preferable than to have your broken heart mended by fragile bonds only to be broken again and again by someone who won't care."

    Love said firmly, "That isn't what love is. Love is the feeling you have when someone cares about you and you care about them. The feeling of looking into soft and warm eyes and know that someone isn't giving up on you."

    Death chuckled and answered yet again, "Most people don't know that, do they?"

    (Just the conversation in my mind that inspired this story)