Crystals & Flames ( CANCELED SEQUEL )

Crystals & Flames ( CANCELED SEQUEL )

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xXFracture11Xx By xXFracture11Xx Updated Aug 20

The world under siege, and all just because of one reason. Disunity. This is a story of three powerful factions; the Humans, that would dare take and lose everything they wish. The dragons, who has been under the Humans' floors ever since the war begun. Lastly, the Crystals, which ruled power and destruction, and would never hesitate to execute those who will not submit. One day, a man discovers who he truly was, and what he truly is. He has lost someone that he loves, and is trying his best to take her back. He has made so many enemies, yet so much friends. He had wished to become a person who he really wanted,  but he had what was unexpected.

"I just hope we would get to see each other..."

This is the story of Geldon, and now his trying to put back the pieces into their places.

  • action
  • adventure
  • dragon
  • family
  • father
  • fight
  • friend
  • hunt
  • love
  • monster
  • mother
  • relationship
  • rescue
  • save
  • sequel
  • shift
  • transform
  • wattys2017

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