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Gaara's Twin:Two of a kind (WATTY'S 2016)

Gaara's Twin:Two of a kind (WATTY'S 2016)

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Scarlet B. Moonlight By tuiboog Completed

Meet Sanya. She is cold,heartless, and curious when it comes to outsiders.  However, she is loving, caring, protective, and wouldn't hesitate to kill you if you mess with her twin, Gaara. 

Sanya has green eyes with a hint of light amber. Her long maroon hair falls to her waist. Sanya can control red sand like her brother. She carries a simple goroud like him too. She has the twin demon of Shukaku, Aria.

In legends they are known as the Ying and Yang of the sand. 

What would happen to Sanya when she meets Naruto Uzamaki and Sasuke uchiha?

-Killua -Killua Mar 13
                              Isn't that having to do with mindset and reading one another's mind before speaking ? This is physical pain they feel shouldn't there be another wording?
                              That's troublesome they share PEIN
NoTamers NoTamers Jul 15, 2016
This is so funny I had a fight with a boy and my brother laughed because the boy lost
                              GIRL POWER
CP_Dollhouse CP_Dollhouse Sep 26, 2016
Ya we're tight bruh. What you think? Imma cut you, don't mess with me, bruh!
                              Nah, bruh. Nah. We tight, we tight. But I swear imma cut you. Don't, mess with me. But we cool, bruh. 
                              We cool.
So shes my sister in law......sweet *walks up to Garra* "honey......WHY THE HELL DIDNT YOU TELL ME YOU HAD A TWIN SHE COULD MEET MY TWIN!!!" Love you sweety pie❤❤
So if someone kissed Gaara or Sanya they would feel the same?
... You know I would be sympathetic but you literally just said you killed someone so ya know