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Subject 1-A: Midoriya, Izuku (Villain Deku)

Subject 1-A: Midoriya, Izuku (Villain Deku)

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Fanfiction Addiction By theshipper101 Updated Jun 04, 2018

Just a story I came up with while seeing all this cool Villain AU stuff for mha/bha on Pinterest. I don't know what the actually story behind this AU is. This is just what I was inspired to write about.

 Izuku has been kidnapped by the League of Villains.  They've brainwashed him, forced him to kill, and to use his quirk as a murder device. Izuku still has no control over the quirk that his mentor has given to him, so every time he's sent to kill, he hurts himself more and more. 
 What's worse, the heroes have decided that the League of Villains needs to be put to rest, which means capturing those involved and putting a stop to this, once and for all. The students UA High are still grieving over what they think is the dead of their fellow classmate, Deku, unaware of the true horror of this situation.

[[None of this art is mine! Credit to the artists!!]] [[Cover edited by me. Cover art is not!!]]

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