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Infinite Kingdom Online

Infinite Kingdom Online

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J. M. Gross By JosephGross Updated Aug 27, 2016

Infinite Kingdom Online, the newest game to hit the shelves. A game where players enter their minds into the fantasy world and play on this MMORPG. Many things can be done within the confinements of this kingdom. One can train to be a knight and combat fierce creatures, or they can gather resources and train in blacksmith and cooking. Such things that one would dream of having in their real lives. Masaru Senshi is one such teenager looking to indulge his life within this roleplay game. He goes by Enundar in the game. Hes always alone and doesn't have very many friends that he hangs out with in the real world. In the game he meets many friends and a girl that resembles his personality altogether. Her name is, Natsumi Kazakami (or Nelenna in game). Much obliged to having his company, she keeps to herself and herself alone. Soon, dangerous things will happen to the both of them and whatever friends they make along the way as the game turns corrupt with a virus manipulating the entire program. If you die in this world.. You die in real life. Though, there's a catch: You can't leave the world until you max out all of your skills and levels and beat the boss at the end. Only then will everyone be free from the game that was once reverend and loved by everyone.

This story is overall a mixture of romance, hate, death, and overall just plain old-fashioned Fantasy with a twist of it being in a video game. The events will churn the butterflies in your stomach and most likely will just leave you at the edge of your seat wanting more.

Being inspired off of Sword Art Online, it was decided that the story would be made to include things that SAO did not have, so be sure to look for those. The story overall is an original work of fiction, and it is not meant to be a duplicate of anything.

Copyright © 2013-2016 | All Rights Reserved | Joseph M. Gross; JosephGross

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Sinononie Sinononie Sep 09, 2014
OOOH Your story sounds like a better version of SAO! So excited to read! :)
TheSilentWriter23 TheSilentWriter23 Aug 03, 2014
I love SAO! Your story sounds awesome!!! Can't wait to read! :)
                              Kaylynn ^.^
- - Jul 24, 2014
Omg, I'm sooo reading this. Sao is my absolute favourite anime, haha. It's just- wow. And I'm dying for the next ep of Sao 2 to come out. Hehe :)
Eturia Eturia Feb 02, 2014
Have you read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor? It has the sandbox gameplay as what you made here.
cocoaMarii cocoaMarii Jan 14, 2014
Lol I was about to say it sounded a lot like SAO before I read above ^.^ silly me
Chani_shines Chani_shines Jan 07, 2014
Joe, ya really didn't have to dedicate this one to me. I only really helped with Eden no Sekai.( ^^,")