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"Anybody can be a great quarterback, regardless of whether or not they have a penis between their legs."

At least that's what Collette Ellison's father told her at a young age. 

"It's easy to throw a football twenty yards, but to catch the football while running full speed and dodging those bulky linebackers? That takes hard work, strength, intelligence, concentration, and commitment. But do you want to know what the real secret to being the best wide receiver is, Lottie? Adjusting." 

At seventeen years old, Collette was well trained in adjusting. She adjusted in different schools around the world, due to the many times her father was deployed. Now officially settling down in a small yet prestigious town in Colorado, Collette has to learn how to adjust again. And maybe that's why playing wide-receiver for the state's number one football program comes naturally to her. 

Because it's a ruthless game, but so is love.

**[A/N]: This story is rated R because of the heavy amount of profanity.

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is anyone else pretending he's waving his had in the air and snapping his finger in a sassy just me. okay.
mluque1 mluque1 Oct 04, 2016
This book is already winning the game just by its first sentence.
twenty_one_fangirls twenty_one_fangirls Jun 10, 2015
My second name is also Coleman ( not that anybody cares) what a coincidence
Twisted_Faith_ Twisted_Faith_ May 19, 2015
My brother's wide receiver first string for varsity. I wish I could make fun of him and call him egotistical, but he's too darn humble!
_KAiLU_ _KAiLU_ Dec 14, 2014
omg my school is called Westfield #MustangsFootballTooLive lol we lost at the semi finals tho haha
maddie_moyer11 maddie_moyer11 Nov 17, 2014
This book is one of my favorites! You are an amazing writer.