Daedalus Krane and the Hand of God

Daedalus Krane and the Hand of God

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T.L. Dorian By TLDorian Updated Oct 26, 2014

After five years exile in high in the mountains of Nepal, Doctor Daedalus Krane, engineer, master craftsman, polymath and member of the fabled secret society 'X', returns.

Traversing India in his workshop the airship Helios with his latest commission a fantastical clockwork automata he barely recognises the world he left. The Indian subcontinent is succumbing to the advances of sweeping desert sands, huge electrical storms rage over Europe, and vast swathes of the Pacific Ocean have disappeared under pack ice. 

Following an audacious attack on the Helios, Krane, his pilot Florence 'Flo' Braithwaite and unruly bulldog Mayhem are drawn into a sinister plot that takes them to the four corners of the globe in search of an evil cult and the shadowy criminal, the mysterious Minos.

But soon Flo begins to question the investigation. Who is the enigmatic Krane? Why does he seem to know so much about their enemies plans? What is the strange design emblazoned across his chest that exerts such a hold over her?

Cover design-'Moar Airship'. Image by Cara Packwood.

  • airship
  • apocalypse
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DaddyEvil DaddyEvil Jul 23, 2016
Hmmm... what a curious start to your story... I am intrigued... pray, lead on...
ShawnHooton ShawnHooton Jul 31, 2014
It's been a while since I've found a story on here that really grips my imagination, I'll definitely give it a read! Thanks for posting a good steampunk novel!
HiruteSelassieMay HiruteSelassieMay May 09, 2014
reminds me of an episode of avatar: the last airbender minus the beheading of the librarian.
emilyfollett emilyfollett Nov 10, 2013
I like an ancient underground library. And a book thief? Definitely interested in reading more.
TLDorian TLDorian Oct 29, 2013
Thanks -I sort of liked the idea. I see other people put famous quotes so I thought the characters in the story could do them. Sure other people are doing this as well. Thanks for reading.
pjsporty1 pjsporty1 Oct 29, 2013
Like the little quotes from the characters at the beginning of each chapter as well.