Tiptoe Kisses

Tiptoe Kisses

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idet843 By idet843 Updated Nov 09, 2014

“Wait.”  She lays her hand on his chest.  “Where will you be?  This is crazy….all the things that have happened tonight, that man being killed…I don’t even know how or why he was killed.  We were obviously being followed by that car, you were forced to bring me here.  We’ve got to talk about all of this.  I’m scared and I’m going out of my mind worrying.  I don’t know where my friend is.  I’ve been taken away from my home, my step-dad?  Please can you talk to me?  Just for a little while.  I know you’re tired, but I need to talk about this." 

Santo sighs and removes her hand from his chest but he doesn’t let it go.  He’s dealt with dictators, warlords, drug dealers and crime bosses.  He makes deals with ruthless business men and he’s rescued people all over the world but he can’t seem to rescue his heart from her.  He’s falling fast and he doesn’t know how to stop it.  He worries if he gets in too deep he won’t be able to keep her safe now that he knows more about what’s going on at La Croix’s.  She doesn’t realize how close she is to it and he doesn’t know if she will believe him if he tells her, but he can’t take that chance anyway. 
“Alright, let me shower and change and I’ll meet you downstairs.”  He lets her hand go.

“Thank you.  I’ll meet you there.”  She steps to the side moving out of his way.

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gshskd146 gshskd146 Oct 04, 2017
I have been enjoying the book and the other hand it isn't too bad.
idet843 idet843 May 31, 2015
@kisslikerealpeopledo  actually this one is my first story.  hope you like it.
celshepherd celshepherd May 31, 2015
when i saw the other stories you wrote i got super excited! i love resume of romance so when i saw that  you wrote this one and that one i automatically knew i was going to like this one. c: can't wait to read this one.
cinderella-is-me cinderella-is-me Mar 21, 2015
Suspen..thriller..love story...all in one..what more can i ask for a story
chreeb chreeb Mar 02, 2015
Interesting and suspenseful! You've got me hooked already it's my day off and I need to sleep but I'm too tuned in!
LilMissJJ08 LilMissJJ08 Oct 28, 2014
I don't even care I would have punched her! I don't care if it's just a coffee the audacity of her kmt