Luna My Ass(Completed)

Luna My Ass(Completed)

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happy, happy, HAPPY! By royalken Completed

Carlee Jones is young, beautiful, and very defiant. With a kick ass attitude and a fist to match Carlee is by no means ready to submit to anyone, especially a mate.

Logan McAlister is powerful and controlling, alpha of the Bloodstone pack, largest and most feared pack in the world. Calculating and, at times cruel, no one says no to him.

When Carlee is forced to accompany her father, alpha of the Dark Moon pack, on a trip to Logan’s pack, the two meet and realise that they are mates. On this love and hate roller coaster will Logan be able to turn Carlee into the good luna she is meant to be? Or will Carlee say LUNA MY ASS!

Faze7023 Faze7023 Oct 06
LMAFAO this girl is SOOOOOO SAVAGE AF. also, you crashed his car... Holy shît😨if I was your brother I would kill you... Good thing I'm not, because I'm annoying af.
YAY!!! That's not my name😂😂😂 lmao I like the way everyone here is just like "MY NAME IS CARLEE!!! YAY!!" and half of us ova here like "Yeah ummm ok then *skips commenting* "
DAAAAAMN I have one with my 4 best friends except ours say #SquadGoals over the fūck off😂😂😂
moosterfur moosterfur Dec 03
This is gonna be a great book.. Jest the attitude and sass it's gonna be awskme
Faze7023 Faze7023 Oct 06
Ooh shît, McKenna is the real bîtch in this book isn't she?