The Haunted. Prologue

The Haunted. Prologue

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Jessica By BlueSpirit Updated Jan 16, 2011


Chase held his right arm, applying pressure on the open wound.  

I was still in shock from the zombie attack before I saw his blood from under his hand, then I frozen instently.

 "Oh shit" were the only words that could escape from my lips. 

But my mine was screaming the unspoken words that I had failed to speak, 'he got bitten! He got bitten! He got bitten'!                                           
                                                                                                               18 year old, Rain Clark didn't get a shot at life to truely enbrace the beauity of the lush planet Earth before the apopcalyse had taken over. Leaving nothing but death, fear and zombies running amuk.                                                           

After she dicovers a long lost secret about her dead 'parents' ---she goes in seach for the truth among the ruins of the earth, but find more then she had bargiened for.                               

BlueSpirit BlueSpirit Jan 18, 2011
@zombie45 I kinda forgot about my story until you reminded me. The prologue might not make much sense now, but for chapter 1 i'm gonna start it a year before this scean happened in the prologue. So it will all make sense at the end, hopeful :) 
zombie45 zombie45 Jan 18, 2011
AND thanks for the decation, not sure what i did top deserve it.
                              blush blush 
                              thank you 
zombie45 zombie45 Jan 18, 2011
Hi Blue 
                              i read this yesterday, but was at work and run out of time so didnt leave a comment. 
                              intresting start, this is the story you took down right? 
                              keep it up you know me i  love zombie stories.