Make Your Own Zombie

Make Your Own Zombie

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Shaun Eyles By ShaunEyles Completed

Deane's life is out of control. She's banned from becoming a paramedic, failing dental school, driving a temperamental rust bucket, and still single.  One guy is interested in her, but he works at the morgue and is probably covered in death cooties.

If that's not enough, she learns that her ex-neighbor, the weirdo Trish, runs a successful company called Trish Inc. They make trashy occult games and merchandise designed to thrill and chill. Trish looks a million bucks and is probably worth many times that, while Deane is still dependent on her embarrassing parents.

Out of the blue, Trish surprises her with an offer to become a zombie wrangler. What could go wrong?

Catching zombies, flirting, glow sticks, neighborhood feuds and a guard goose. This story has it all.

Author note: It took almost two years before I felt this story was good enough to share. I don't think I'd take those two years back for anything. Writing this story was a great learning experience in writing first person POV. One day I'll find a better cover. :D

Zombie image on cover by XaR623. Used with permission. View his gallery at:

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Kristiekc Kristiekc May 01, 2017
Good idea those first short letters are as an intro. The humour is to subtle for eh well you know... But that's why it's funny!
tamoja tamoja Apr 28, 2017
Rummage sales are the best!  Those books must have already been passed around to be found at a sale - that's an amazing find!
Kristiekc Kristiekc May 01, 2017
Is this part new? And please excuse me being offline so long, moved house long and boring story, got crap internet, long and boring stroy , just appologies for the long absence :D
Kristiekc Kristiekc May 01, 2017
Yeah just love the fact that the parents can still have a laugh :P  I always loved the irony of this story actually , a boat for dad, God only knows what damage he can cause, and he could spy on the neighbours big time with his boat :))
Kristiekc Kristiekc May 01, 2017
Ah ha ! Okay I have a feeling I know where this is going, is the the germinating seed of Zombieism?  I made that word up and spelt it wrong as well :D
Kristiekc Kristiekc May 01, 2017
Okay let me see if I can just catch up where I left off, I do like those intro letters , they set it up very neat.