The Foster Home (Cameron Dallas)

The Foster Home (Cameron Dallas)

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While Bailey runs away from her foster mom. She comes across Cameron Dallas. She shares her past with him and grow closer with each other. 

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Hana_Mendes Hana_Mendes Jan 10
Gurl you're lucky he's actually letting you stay at his house!
Teddy_330 Teddy_330 Dec 27, 2016
Ahh 5 years back now he's 22 but still acts like a 5 year old. Gotta love him
YammiXIQ YammiXIQ Dec 30, 2016
Its ok and, yes i have read the authors note at the beginning but i just can not take it... byeeeee👋🏼👋🏼
LeslieSigney LeslieSigney Dec 30, 2016
Cameron Dallas says... 
                              NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.
-PastelMikey- -PastelMikey- Dec 28, 2016
Okay 1. He's a stranger 2. If you do this in the system they'll kick you out and you'll probably have to go to a home for girls or you might even go to jail. 
                              I watch too much of the fosters sorry.
moemuffinmendes moemuffinmendes Dec 28, 2016
I'm a Shawn Stan watching pretty little liars and reading Cameron fanfic