A Love Like Sakura

A Love Like Sakura

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Book 1: A Love Like Sakura
Book 2: Autumn Sky
Book 3: Winter Dances Here

Lilah Sinclair's first love doesn't work out, and it leaves her deeply scarred.

She finds working with her now ex-fiancé unbearable, and quits her job at a prestigious London girls' college, to take up a position teaching English at the newly opened Tokyo School of Excellence in Japan.

Why not right?
Her mother may have been English, but it had been her love of Japan that led her to Lilah's father... not that either had seen him since he walked out fifteen years ago.

If she is honest with herself though, her real reason for jumping at the opportunity, is to get as far away from Hugh and her pain, as she physically can.

Though transitioning to the Japanese education system is difficult, Lilah actually finds comfort in the somewhat emotionally detached manner of people, and a way of life governed by strict rules.

Numbness is safe after all.

Lilah is looking for a refuge for her battered heart, not love, affection, and another knife in her back, but maybe the power of Spring's first cherry blossoms can sooth the hurt, and open her mind to a happier future.

CONTINUE the story in its sequel 'Autumn Sky'.

beibymar beibymar 6 days ago
በለለሀከጀጀጀጀጀጀጀሀ.   ሰ.               ሰሰ ሰሰሰ ሰ.
Cynn360 Cynn360 Mar 19, 2016
Sigh* yeah hopefully one day Japan can get passed the traditions of gender rolls *eye roll*
Denisse26Martinez Denisse26Martinez May 12, 2016
You are awesome ❤️
                              Sorry, i'm not very explain the english.
                              I'm Mexican.
                              But you history is asome
nickollmontes nickollmontes Dec 12, 2016
I freaking love the voices of Crispin Freeman and Johnny Young Bosch😍😍
countrygurlswagger countrygurlswagger Mar 21, 2016
awesome i shared it to facebook awesome story great job keep up the good work
- - May 13, 2016
Its a beautiful way to start! Can't wait to read the rest. 😊😊