Barefoot │Ziall Horlik AU

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Panda Luck (P. Luck) By zialltops Updated 10 months ago
Niall Horan doesn't remember how he got this way. Sleeping behind garbage cans and eating out of them when he woke. Maybe it was after his mum died, or the orphanage burnt down, but this is his life.   Zayn Malik has never really had it rough? Hes always been the one to excel in everything, (Apart from sports, that is) especially his art. He likes to draw what he sees...and he sees Niall, like...a lot.
THAT SON OF A....calm down...calm down...I'm trying to work on my anger issues so calm down...
it's kinda cool tho, because if you think about it, you've never seen niall before in your life and you see a painting of a boy with ragged clothes and his bare feet caked in mud. if you'd never seen him before it would tell the story without words.
I'm sorry that was a bit too enthusiastic given the circumstances
My boyfriend did too lol but he doesn't want anybody to know......XD XD #Daredevil #DontLetHimSee
I'm going to read this tonight, you know when i should sleep cause' i'm having an exam week. Lol
Ziall!!! I can't wait to read this one. Reading the bit about what's going to happen sounds really good. I really can't wait for you to write this one.