The Checklist

The Checklist

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Megan ♦ By Nickymb Updated Mar 03, 2014

"These rules," he says, gingerly cupping my cheek. "This list, this idea, this fantasy you have of the perfect man is an ideal Ender. It's not real. But this," He steps forward, closing the space between us. "This is insanely real."

 Rule#53: Bad is never good. 
Never fall for a badboy because they are, and forever will be, one thing: 
And nothing good can come out of trouble. 

Ender Collins had the perfect plan: Drift through the middle, survive her last year of highschool, and create the perfect checklist. Sure, writing the rules to the perfect guy can be hard when you can’t, well, test the rules. But when no guy is willing to look your way, you learn to get over it. 

When one night at a party ends with her witnessing something she shouldn't, she decides to take advantage of the situation the first chance she gets. Blackmailing the schools known and wanted badboy should be suicide. But Ender needs test subjects, and what better way to get them then to go to the womanizing source. 

When Jace agrees to her outlandish terms, Ender knows she has her ticket to the big league. Through ridiculous rules, hideous makeovers, and outrageous rules, Jace will make Ender the most wanted girl on campus. 

That is, if she can protect her heart along the way.

scorpiace scorpiace Sep 07, 2016
Girls are also way more likely to end up blackmailing you back.
scbrown11 scbrown11 Jan 06
Meeeee. Everyday. I'm starting to sound like Shane Dawson when he does his good videos.
misanthropic- misanthropic- Jul 28, 2015
I love this book already. I love Ender's Game. So cool that you named her after the book.
babaliss babaliss Jun 07, 2015
I thought it was going to say something a lot dirtier than the inside of a guys car. My mind is officially corrupted 
_new_beginning_ _new_beginning_ Apr 09, 2015
thats the same thing i said when a saw i guess a guy with boobs
Dingo_X Dingo_X Mar 07, 2015
when I saw the name Brittany Pierces I thought "It's glee like...obviously! It can't be something else!"