Alpha Mine

Alpha Mine

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"Maddison, You cant deny wanting me." Hunter whispered in my ear while he had me pinned up on to my locker. 

He was right. I couldn't deny the tingles I get from the slightest touch and the feels he gives me when he's near but why do I feel this pull towards him if I just moved here a week ago. 

"You're right. I can't deny it anymore." I whispered back looking into his brown lustful eyes, and just like that his soft smooth lips came upon mine.


Maddison Ryder, gorgeous, smart, athletic, 17 year old, and ...human... just moved from Arizona to  L.A to come live with her elder brother Jackson, but little did she know that L.A was filled with werewolves and that one of those werewolves was her mate. 

Hunter Brooks: The Alpha of the Moon Dust Pack, the Star Quarter back of West Field School.

 Except his mate... And all that will soon change...for both of them.   

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GoSooJin GoSooJin Jan 01
Am I the only one who imagined Got7 Jackson and Red Velvet Wendy??
GoSooJin GoSooJin Jan 01
Yolo yolo yolo yo, Yolo yolo yo tangijnjaem tangijnjaem tangijnjaem~  Anyone else who knows this song?
                              No? Ok...
Ava11Fwood Ava11Fwood Mar 09
I thought you were going to stay “ STEAL THIS STORY AND I WILL KILL YOU”
qhueen_queer qhueen_queer Aug 11, 2016
I have read so many threats from authors about stealing their book....I had to buy multiple clothing
FangirlingMyHeartOut FangirlingMyHeartOut Feb 07, 2017
I also feel  loke that whenever I see a hot guy...with some other girl
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Oct 06, 2016
                              AND GIVE YOU CHOCOLATE.