Dylena||Never Forget You||

Dylena||Never Forget You||

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"Ugh! There's nothing to watch." I said while scrolling down so many channels. I got out of my couch and was about to go to my room but a ring coming from my pocket stopped me. I got my phone and saw it was from Taylor, my best friend and one of the most talented person I know.

From: Taylor❤
Hey Sel! Ready for your photoshoot at Vogue.

Oh shoot! I forgot about that. Ever since I became an actress and a model I've been super busy and have no idea what things are in my schedule. 

Oh my gosh, what time is it! I thought to myself, almost panicking.

I checked my phone, it was 12:00. I only have an hour to get ready, but I'll be ok I guess.

To: Taylor❤
Omg, I totally forgot about that! I'm gonna get ready.

From: Taylor❤
Selena, how many times do I have to tell you to be more organized?

To: Taylor❤
I know, I know, sorry

From: Taylor ❤
Ok we'll have fun Sel 😘

To: Taylor ❤

Thanks Tay 💕 byee

As I replyed to her text I went to my bathroom and took a quick shower.


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