No Time for Love

No Time for Love

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F*ck Your Couch By _Ashaanti_ Updated Dec 22, 2015

Alexia and DJ are here again!

DJ has done big things since the past. Now being the biggest Kingpin in Virgina, he's at the top of his game. He has learned his lesson and him being tied down is far from an option. He has come to realize that running the streets and love is not the best juggle. Love ain't nothing but extra weight holding him down from his 'bossly' duties. No lie, he still believes in love. He's just not in any rush to find it. For now he'll just stick with what he knows best; the paper and the hoes.

Alexia has definitely grown up faster than most. After her past, she is tougher, bolder and stronger. With responsibilities to fulfill, there is no way she is jumping head first into a relationship again. She is perfectly content with the new life she has made for herself and is not looking back. Having a man in her life, at the moment, is not a priority. Her main focus is her independence, vitality, and career. She may still be sweet and humble but no doubt, she's taking charge.

Neither thought they would cross each others paths again, but the unexpected happens, and Alexia is forced to take steps back. What happens when the past returns and everything she made herself to be is slowly crumbling? DJ is stricken with surprises and has to reevaluate his ways. Will he make the right decisions?

Both changed and made anew of themselves, they simply have no time for love...... or so they think.

(No Time For a Thug sequel)

  • betrayal
  • change
  • crime
  • deceit
  • decisions
  • drama
  • drugs
  • intercourse
  • lies
  • love
  • memories
  • relationships
  • secrets
  • sexual
  • thug
  • time
  • urban
😂😂😂 okay boo ... i see you. Tryna sl8de up in that thang 😭😭
TyabraAggison TyabraAggison Apr 11, 2014
i think they should try to work things out && hurry up and meet again . PLEASE UPDATE
beeloVebug beeloVebug Dec 01, 2013
wow! I knew she was pregnant !
                              but that's wrong she kept DJ from his son for 4 years but she got her stuff together too:
luvvhunterr luvvhunterr Jul 19
You a aint shitt asss bitchh. Yes you’re the bad guy. Yes it’s your fault. No you weren’t doing the right thing.
luvvhunterr luvvhunterr Jul 19
Ok but if you told him you was pregnant it woulda been different. You bein selfish. That child deserves to know his father.