314 Moons, And More To Come - Book #5 (MxM 18+)

314 Moons, And More To Come - Book #5 (MxM 18+)

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Nath By Snape75 Updated Nov 11, 2016

Black Moon Series Book #5
Warning: #Mature #Gay #Triggering

This story will be published once it is fully written (probably not before end of 2017).
Temporary Description

I was raised in a bigot family.
Church, God, Strict Rules, Seriousness, School, Homophobia, Conservatism, Family. Those were their motto. Not mine.
I was the rebel kid. These beliefs led me to become the total opposite to what my family expected. My faith mostly laid in wildness, triviality, weed, drugs, alcohol, parties, sex. I burned my wings more than once. 

My ultimate faith laid in my three best friends. Joshua. Mark. Camden. They tried their best to support me, but sometimes, you just need to see new horizons, taste new dangers and surrender all your powers to someone new to rise from ashes. Because no God should have allowed what I went through at the age of 16. Never.

So I ran away from the East Coast to the West. Los Angeles is where I found my peace of mind. The City of Angels provided me with what I needed to start a new life and grow stronger. It was never easy, believe me. I experienced more hardships there, but they led to my rebirth.

Only then was I ready to face my friends again. In Chicago. Where I own one of the best gay nightclubs of the city. A nightclub that hides a private BDSM club. The lifestyle that saved my life. Now my friends have joined me there. These three guys mean everything to me. We're closer than brothers. I would give my life for them. I actually owe them my life. And there is nothing that would ever break the bond between us. The only thing I am missing is a man. A man that I would call mine. Mine to love, cherish, care for and dominate.

Let's just hope that this man won't be the blade that will cut the bond between us.

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jxpierce823 jxpierce823 4 days ago
Can I just say, I’ve read every book in this series and it’s caused several sleepless nights, since I COULDNT STOP READING!!! But that last sentence, “burning my wings” brought tears to my eyes
Laneyenglish Laneyenglish Oct 30, 2017
I'm looking forward to reading about the master dom himself Aaron! Thanks for writing these series I'm really loving it!
elohel___ elohel___ 3 days ago
idk why but i always think aaron is gonna go back to being a sub instead of a dom... probably unlikely but still haha
MandyLewis089 MandyLewis089 Sep 14, 2017
Sooo looking forward to this.  Thank you for continuing this story xx
ServingTheReaders ServingTheReaders Sep 21, 2017
How did you come up with the 314 number in the title? Also I finished reading the second book and it calls this book a different number, 292 I think it was? Goodness it's too late for me.
AmyHutchinson1 AmyHutchinson1 Aug 16, 2017
Hey. Let me just tell you i love this series. Can't wait to find out what happened to Jeremy and know more about Aaron. By any chance in Shawn Underwood Aaron's boy. Just curious. Anyways love to read more.