Bolt the superdog x Dog! Reader

Bolt the superdog x Dog! Reader

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i dont own any character or plot or you.

Im just gonna base this off the movie but replace Mittens with you and it be a dog instead of a cat!!

Still dont got a life

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SnowyGreatWolf SnowyGreatWolf Dec 19, 2017
Name: Golden!
                              Fur Color: Golden with brown in back and white on snout, Chest, Front And back legs and a little on underbelly
                              E/C: Dark Brown (Cause why not)
                              ALSO I don’t have a life to! So your not the only one
Thundertalons Thundertalons Nov 05, 2017
Dappled Sun: Man, this dog crazy!
                              Bolt: Say that again and I will Super Bar you into that tree!
                              Dappled Sun: Mmhhmm sure you will
MadisonClay4 MadisonClay4 Oct 30, 2017
Y/n: Chara 
                              F/c Brown and White cuz I'm a Brown and white husky
TheUnknownQuestion TheUnknownQuestion Oct 15, 2017
*I lol I now it may be annoying but trust me, when your story gets more popular you get to worry less about corrections
Blue_Lone_Wolf Blue_Lone_Wolf Nov 05, 2017
Y/N: Luna
                              F/C: Black and White
                              E/C: (left eye) Icy Blue
                                       (Right eye) Bright Emerald Green
Thundertalons Thundertalons Nov 05, 2017
Name: Dappled Sun
                              Nickname: Dapple or Sun
                              F/C: Cream and white
                              E/C: Left is brown and right is a very dark yellow