Bolt the superdog x Dog! Reader

Bolt the superdog x Dog! Reader

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i dont own any character or plot or you.

Im just gonna base this off the movie but replace Mittens with you and it be a dog instead of a cat!!

Still dont got a life

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SnowyGreatWolf SnowyGreatWolf Dec 19, 2017
Name: Golden!
                              Fur Color: Golden with brown in back and white on snout, Chest, Front And back legs and a little on underbelly
                              E/C: Dark Brown (Cause why not)
                              ALSO I don’t have a life to! So your not the only one
Dogmastah67 Dogmastah67 Mar 05
                              Fur color: full jet black that shines blue in the sun
                              Eyes: striking blue 
                              Im also a German Shepherd Husky mix
There was never an "US" and there will never be an "US"
                              (If you can guess what movie and where did the movie originate  is that line from  i will give you pasta 🍝🍝🍝 ^J^  )
jjjs567 jjjs567 Mar 09
Name: Crystal
                              Fur: Black tip of tail purple
                              Eyes: changes because of my mood but normal brown when night and sky blue for day
Dude seriously? I know this is a kids place for books qnd, stuff...but F THOSE IXIOTS FOR JUDGING YOU!!!
                               My daughter, and I are very very happy with your explanation of characters. Because of you and you writing that book on here, my daughter gets to pass out early!!! 
                              P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Name: Mishka
                              Fur color: Black with white paws and tail
                              Eyes: Left is gray while right is blue