Black Out

Black Out

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Kris By feefiefauxfic Completed

Alexandria Darrow has precious little in this world save for the Foster boys: Ian, 19, Tate, 17, and Micah, 7. They spend their days coping with the hand they've been dealt and dreaming of escape from their home in Lynchburg, Virginia. Freedom is so close they can taste it: Tate and Alex will soon be 18 and they can all take off to someplace up north, never to be heard from in their sleepy town again.

But when a mysterious series of explosions rocks the atmosphere outside their favorite childhood hideaway and they emerge to a land devastated and forever changed, Alex and her companions must face not only their own demons, but a sickness that is spreading, its affects both unpredictable and deadly and the nameless, prowling creatures that seem to hunt in the night. In this now lawless world that they have had forced upon them, nowhere seems safe, and no one has answers.

In the face of no consequences, no restitution, how quickly will man spiral into complete depravity?

And who will get caught in the crosshairs?

**book 1 of 3**

Finally a not so innocent and not weak female lead!!! 👏💯
BiancaAries BiancaAries Aug 18
Hey can you check out my story? It's about vampires and romance if you're interested.
MMHunter MMHunter May 07
The characterisation in this chapter is great, I already love them all :)
That awkward moment when I realize I live in the same place as the main character, Lynchburg is the best! Ps love the story
baecxu baecxu Apr 14
Absolutely nothing. Except if you're one of those artistic people who sees beauty in destruction, which I am not.
Wow, I'm so impressed! Your writing is so beautifully written! ♡♥♡♥