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My Mate Cheated On Me

My Mate Cheated On Me

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Nenaa By skittlesk Updated Oct 16, 2016

Hi , my name is Alexis , me and my mate . Logan have been together for 2 years , he's the most amazing mate I can ever have , what he doesn't know is that in pregnant with his baby , yes I just found out today... Read and find out more !

malvina03 malvina03 Sep 28, 2016
Because Sorry makes everything okay 
                              And it didn't mean nothing it makes  feel worst
Catalina5643 Catalina5643 Mar 26, 2016
Damn right your gonna be a bad father just like your a bad mate
BobbySmith8 BobbySmith8 Oct 04, 2016
Saying sorry is like breaking a something like a plate or a toy and saying you want it unbroken. It can't be fixed with work.
kawaii65427 kawaii65427 Jul 26, 2016 don't know why u did it...😐😑....u..don't know....why u did it.....ok
khaleesi_88 khaleesi_88 May 27, 2016
Obviously, so cliche where this story is going when will there be a story where they never forgive and literally move on?
vixen89 vixen89 Oct 09, 2016
Mιgнт wanт тo ѕay ιт dιd мean ѕoмeтнιng leѕѕ нearтвreaĸιng тнen geттιng ғυcĸ over вy noтнιng.