FS 3 Episode 1-The School's Learning Resource Center

FS 3 Episode 1-The School's Learning Resource Center

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field_study By field_study Updated Jan 15, 2012

FS 3-Technology in the Learning Environment

Episode 1-The School's Learning Resource Center

Name of FS Student:            Greggy Q. Encinares 

Course:           DPE - CPRT                                        Year & Section:          ED125

Resource Teacher:     Mary Angelie Madrona        Signature: ________________________

Cooperating School:   Doña Juana Actub Lluch Memorial Central School

Name of Center Observed: Computer Room 

Date of Visit/Observation:   September 16, 2011

Class Observational Guide:

1.       Go around the Learning Resource Center.

2.       See what learning resources are present.

3.       Examine how the materials are arranged and how they are classified. Are they free from dust and moisture? Are they arranged for easy access?

4.       Look for the guidelines/procedures posted or available for the users to refer to?

5.       Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and procedures. You may choose to take photos of the center if allowed.


Anniebille Anniebille Sep 23, 2014
thanks for the guide... dami rin pala educ. students who are peeking here. hihihih
ana_babes22 ana_babes22 Jun 23, 2013
nice post ..fs3 kami ngaun..haist salamat nagka idea c akuh :)