Field Study 3

Field Study 3

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FS 3Technology in the Learning Environment


The School's Learning Resource Center

Name of FS Student:

Course:                                                                                                                      Year & Section:                                               

Resource Teacher:                                                   Signature:                           ______

Cooperating School:        SCHOOL_____________________________




Name of Center Observed:         Library, computer laboratory, classroom                                                               _

Date of Observation:      OCTOBER 11, 2011                                                                                           _______

List of Available Learning Resources

Available Learning Resources

Characteristics and Unique Capabilities

Teaching Approaches where the Resource is Most Useful

1.       Print Resources...

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jherold10 jherold10 Oct 02, 2015
...thank you so much..  
                                  it's kinda helpful to the future teacher like me.
educprince educprince Aug 02, 2014
It is already half of the semester, our Prof didnt deploy us nowadays! Thats why Im going to answer the Episode1 of FS3 even without her instructions!!
ElnaVilladoresHermos ElnaVilladoresHermos Oct 23, 2013
thAnkyou po! ganito lang pala yun? wala kasing instruction samin nang instructor :(
rb_nica09 rb_nica09 Oct 06, 2013
pwede po bng i download to?cause this will help me a lot in answering my fs manual...tnx po
ARianneCabuguasVilla ARianneCabuguasVilla Sep 30, 2013
It helps a lot :0 thanks to you . Hope that there will be an example of graphic organizer in english subject.
agpalo_pearl agpalo_pearl Mar 14, 2013
pls allow me to download this link..thank u..u help us a lot.