Being The Badboy's Pet

Being The Badboy's Pet

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»Attention: I'm making a remake of this story because I wrote this when I was 14 and now I'm 17»


"Kitty?" He nuzzled his nose against the crook of my neck, I gasped at the feeling. "Kitty?" He smirked, repeating my nickname. 

Why is he doing this to me? 

"Ye-Yeah?" My voice came out hoarse, oh dang my voice. He chuckled, he noticed that I'm very nervous having him around me. "Shall I remind you that you're mine, only mine." He pressed our bodies together, he moved his lips so now they were hovering over mine. 

                  "N-No, I-I'm s-sorry."


                              Katalina Small is a typical, weird, boring, hard-working nerd. She has straight A's in all her classes, she is a loving daughter, the coolest older sister. Can't say that she the nicest friend because she is mostly an anti-social, her bestfriend is Mr. Bone-Her science teacher's skeleton and Miss. Twinkle-her teddy bear. 
                    Her life is normal, all of it that all changes when she gets saved by her school's badboy and now owes him. 

                             Maxwell Monte-Negro is a hard, mean, sexy, hot-tempered badboy. He hates school, his house... just to make it bunt-he hates people. He may be the second oldest, the man of the house and on but that doesn't change that he may just secrets like the people do. He only has three bestfriends, Jona, Sam and Fabian. 
           Nobody messes with him. He may have a tough, fighting, horrible and cruel life but that changes when he makes the school's nerd his pet. His life changes from tough, fighting, horrible, cruel life to a funny, cute, sweet, nerdy and weird life. 

Maybe being the Badboy's pet may be not so bad after all.

*Orginal Work by OfficialGeeGonzalez*

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Off topic note Tbh I don’t even get offended by slurs anymore all the ppl at my school use them as jokes us black ppl cope by making jokes💀
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New reader here✋☺ I think this story is very nice yeah! Not like the other stories that so disgusting, gross! And no affection you will feel you won't giggle but this... Like... Yeah! So excited😂😂